6. září 2013

Think more positive

I think in a lot of situations I'm trying and I can see a lot of positive and happy aspects of things, but that is definitely not enough. I more likely, almost always think of all the negatives and all the bad things that could happen before I even think of the good ones. I just wish I could have some switch in life, for at least a day, where I could stop worring non stop about what will or could happen and just enjoy the day. So starting today I made a goal for myself to accomplish. Yes, how you can see in the title of this post, think more positive and be positive. I'm starting my second year at university in little more than one week and I know it sounds silly but till the end of this year I want to have minimal stress and maximum enjoyment of life. I'm going to be 21 at the end of October, and I feel like it's time for a change. And I don't particulary mean just on the physical side.

So here are some of my goals I want to accomplish before this year ends.

☺ think more positive
☺ surround myself with more people who actually listen and understand
☺ stop worring about the unimportant things
☺ be more organized
☺ get better time management
☺ drink more water
☺ and that leads me to -> stop being addicted to diet coke

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