29. května 2013

Avant qu'elle parte

Have you ever thought about different centuries, how would it be to live in the twentieth century and how would we were dressing up? I think when you look back to the 40's or 50's, you can feel the beauty, vanity and pleasure in photographs of the casually but yet fashionably dressed women. I picture the women dressing up and I'm thinking that they didn't care if they are preparing for some society ball, a date in the caffee shop, or just hanging around the city streets, they were always classy and sophisticated with style in my mind. Basically I think they knew how to dress to make themselves look sexy and at the same time refined and elegant, unlike some of the women nowadays who are taking it wrong and just want to show their one side. 
I really love looking at these photos, they are from photographer Gordon Parks, I think he captured everything perfectly, especially you can see the independent, romantic, yet very realistic women. I really did enjoyed this photoshoot.

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